PERIAMAR joint WG3-WG4 meeting in Osijek

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June 27, 2023


The COST action PERIAMAR has been running several activities focused on compiling information relative to amphibians and reptiles that can be useful for advancing in the design of a risk assessment protocol for these animals. We held a 2-day meeting in Osijek, hosted by the Department of Biology, University of Osijek, to advance a proposal for focal species, identify relevant endpoints indicative of chronic toxicity and suggest assessment factors to be applied in risk assessment.

The first day we listened to presentations on life-history trait and ecotoxicological data of amphibians and reptiles, which was gathered during various STSMs from our action.

The second day was devoted to discussion. Participants split into two breakout groups that focused on the selection of focal species and selection of chronic endpoints / assessment factors. Our outputs will be useful for suggesting improvements to the existing assessment factors to be applied in risk assessment.

In the meeting we also had a premiere of our new video about the STSM done by Blagovesta Dimitrova at the National Institute of Biology in Slovenia. Check it out on this link and browse through all videos on our YouTube channel.