Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions

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Project duration August 01, 2015 to April 30, 2021
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The proposed project aims to essay, evaluate and disseminate practices directed at mitigation of negative effects from transport/energy infrastructures in wild fauna and simultaneously promote the creation, along them, of a demonstrative Green Infrastructure, based in corridors and stepping stones that can increment connectivity and improve conservation of local/regional biodiversity. Its target area is one of the main transport/energy corridors linking Portugal to Spain. The project feeds from solid knowledge on existing fauna/flora in the project area and years of roadkill monitoring and from an unusual situation in the project’s socioeconomic setting, including participation of the several stakeholders dealing with the project’s problems and responsibilities to solve them (including builders/managers of linear infrastructures, public/private bodies, with local/national aims, supported by universities of publicly recognized value).

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The project includes 35 actions mostly based on demonstrative and innovative solutions, which will be held in an integrated way. It comprises extended monitoring work aiming to evaluate the effects of measures implemented on the biodiversity, in the ecosystem functions and at socioeconomic level. The project also includes work directed to the dissemination of the results to other potential users (professionals associated with the area), both national and international.