Use of Reclaimed water for Aquaculture and Irrigation: Risk Assessment of emerging contaminants

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Project duration January 01, 2014 to September 30, 2017
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The specific objectives of this project were: 1. To chemically characterize reclaimed waters from different treatment technologies in order to estimate the presence of compounds not regulated by the current legislation (RD 1620/2007). 2. To assess the potential effects of reclaimed waters on aquatic organism (i.e., algae, invertebrates and vertebrates) using standardized and novel bioassays. 3. To obtain scientific information about the potential uptake of emerging contaminants by crops after irrigation with a reclaimed water and to study their potential release to surfacewaters and groundwaters. 4. Relying on the aforementioned information, to develop, an environmentally sustainable protocol for the use of reclaimed water. This protocol should be proposed to the water managers for a decision-making about the use of reclaimed waters that might pose human and environmental risk.

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Chemical Pharmaceuticals,  Thyroid hormone disrupting compounds
Taxa Anura
Study Framework Laboratory experiment