Plant protection product exposure of terrestrial stages of amphibians and possible management measures

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Project duration January 01, 2020 to January 31, 2023
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The aim is to identify risk reduction measures (RMM) for the terrestrial life stages of amphibians that can be recommended independently of the authorisation of plant protection products (PPP). In this work, RMMs refer both to measures that reduce the risk of exposure to PPPs and to measures that can increase the protection of amphibians in agricultural areas. With the help of selected RMMs, the aim is to identify options for farmers that are feasible, site-specific and effective in protecting amphibians. The project will also test a selection of RMMs, model the impact of PPPs on amphibian populations and spatially analyze the occurrence of amphibians in agricultural areas. The combination of mapping and modelling of effects on (meta-)populations allows the development of locally adapted measures and ensures an efficient use of the resources required for implementation.

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Chemical Pesticides / PPP
Taxa Amphibia
Study Framework Field or semi-field experiment